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We have pulled together a Homeless System Transformation Team to rapidly transform our homeless system reallocating existing and reasonably available additional resources to transform our homeless system away from its traditional focus on transitional shelter toward an increased focus on more effective rapid rehousing and eviction prevention. Our model is inspired by and in cooperation with 100,000 Homes.

Our efforts at system transformation includes three major goals:

  • Goal One: Prevent Homelessness More Effectively
  • Goal Two: Protect the Medically Vulnerable by Identification, Housing & Services
  • Goal Three: Streamline Rehousing Process

Our DSS Commissioner is supportive of our efforts, encourages us to produce real effective fast-tracked change as quickly as we can, and has agreed to meet with us every two weeks to help keep everyone on track to move things forward swiftly.


Vulnerability Index Work Group

Group leader: Paul Anderson-Winchell
Using the Vulnerability Index Survey to identify the most vulnerable and chronically homeless people in the county, this group then matches those individuals and families with housing and services.

Life Skills Work Group

Group leader: Lisa Buck, LMSW
This group develops and implements evaluation tools to determine what skills and resources are needed to help those newly placed in housing succeed.