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Creating and removing an away message for Karl Bertrand on lunarpages
Note:  This setup will generate an away message for anyone mailing to kbertrand@programdesign.com
       The email sent to kbertrand@programdesign.com will still be forwarded to kbertrand@optonline.net
       You will still need to setup an away message for kbertrand@optonline.net for anyone emailing directly to that address (insert link)   
1)  Log in to lunarpages.com (go to website, login is top of the 
page, credentials progr24/Bil...1)
2)  Go to Control Panel
3)  On the left, Click on the button 'Go to CPanel'
4)  Click on the 'Mail' icon
5)  Click on 'Auto-responders'
6)  Click on 'Add auto-responder'
7)  Enter the following info in the fields provided:
Email:  kbertrand
From:  kbertrand@programdesign.com
Subject:  Whatever you would want to show up in the subject of the 
mail going back to the sender
Character set:  Choose iso-8859-1, which is pretty standard
Body: Whatever you would want to show up in the body of the mail 
going back to the sender
8)  Below the body field, click the 'Create/Modify' button.  
To remove the away message,
Actually, the way to login from lunarpages.com changed.
You have to first Login, then login on the next page.
Everything else is the same.
To remove the autoresponder, which is something that you'll want to do in the morning,  
follow up to step 5 below.  You will see a 'delete' option for the autoresponder.  Click on that and you are done.  
Creating and away message from Karl Bertrand on optonline.net
1) Login in to your email at optonline.net
2) Go to the Options tab
3) Go to the Vacation Message tab
4) Uncheck the box "Enable Vacation Message for time period"
Creating an email account on lunarpages.com
Go to http://lunarpages.com/login.php.  Login using progr24/Biloxi1
Click on the Control Panel icon.
Click on the button Go to cPanel on the left.
Click on the Mail icon in cPanel.
Click on link Add/Remove/Manage Accounts
Click on the link Add Account
Put in your email, a password, and change the quota to something that would manage the volume.  250MB should be enough.  You can always decrease    if it is too much.  Click on the Create button.
 Creating an email forwarder on lunarpages.com