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After uploading a file, to show a link on that page to that file use the following format

Exhibit 1 from Westchester County's FY07 consolidated application to HUD's Continuum of Care for the Homeless program outlines Westchester's resources and strategies in a cumbersome and not very reader-friendly format mandated by HUD.

To show a web link on a page, use the following format

The Center for Court Innovation published an weblog article on February 8, 2008 about the presentation on Evidence-Based Targeting Karl Bertrand made recently to a statewide conference sponsored by the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services.

To show a link to a wiki page, use the following format

Chronic Truancy Prevention

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To create new page: Type url into browser, hit enter or Go. Then click “edit this page”.

To edit existing page: Click edit tab at top of page, or next to header of each section. One can preview changes before making them permanent (to make sure formatting is correct) using “Show Preview” button below editing window. Obviously, click “Save Page” button to save changes.

Moving a page = renaming a page. Click on “move” tab at top of page Deleting a page- only sysop users can delete pages.

To upload file: Click “upload file” link on left side of screen Obviously, do not upload any copyrighted material. Destination filename does not have to match the source filename. Creates an image page with name equals the filename. To link to an uploaded file from a page: this text appears as the link


two equal signs creates a section

three equal signs creates a subsection

A table of contents is automatically created for a page once you have three sections.


To display an uploaded image file: embeds in text OR left or rightaligns to side of text.

creates thumbnail of image

40 pxlspecifies image width OR 40x50 pxl specifies width & height


Within the wiki: page name

page nameextraword becomes longer hyperlink. displays link as this text

External links

link name displays hyperlink as link name OR displays the hyperlink itself

Append <nowiki> to not hyperlink

Email address

[mail to: person’s name to display]

Text formatting: ‘’2 apostrophes’’ makes text italics ‘’’3 apostrophes’’’ makes text bold ‘’’’’’5 apostrophes’’’’’ makes text both

makes text underlined

makes text centered
makes text blockquoted qqq qqqqq qqqq qqq qqqqq qqqqqqq q qq qqqqq q qqqqqqq qqqq qqqqq qqqqqqq qqqqq

empty line starts new paragraph

indents paragraph
extra indented


  • bullet
    • sub-indented bullet
    previous item continues
  • return to previous level
  1. starts numbered list 1.
    1. indents, starts new at 1 1.
    2. 2.
  2. return to previous level 2.
  1. start again at 1. 1.

Can add footnote using.<ref>footnote text</ref> after the sentence. is a list of all the special pages in the wiki which has lists of all uploaded files, users, etc.