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The Westchester Homeless Advocacy Response Network (WHARN) was created to inform members when they have opportunities for short-term political advocacy that could improve the lives of Westchester’s homeless residents. The Network will not tackle huge issues like war, poverty or racism. Other groups do that. The Network will instead create and publicize opportunities for short-term political advocacy on homeless issues.

There are moments when politicians and bureaucrats make decisions that impact the homeless. They set rules for getting into shelters, decide the kinds of services that will be available, and set housing allowances and other entitlements. These moments can have grave consequences for the homeless, but too often the general public doesn’t know that these decisions are being made. Private citizens can’t exercise their right of free speech because they don’t know how and where they can make a difference.

WHARN will change that. WHARN will send email alerts to its members when policy decisions are being made. It will publicize and organize opportunities for political action. It will notify members via email when they can make a difference by sending an email, calling a legislator, or attending a rally or vigil. Members won’t be obligated to do anything, but at least they’ll know when they can.

One of those moments for action is NOW. Learn more.

If you would like to be added to WHARN’s email list, email your name and email address to WHARN@optonline.net.