Westchester Housing Market

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2013 Most Expensive Jurisdictions
Westchester County is one of the most expensive jurisdictions for rental housing in the United States. This table demonstrates the average hourly wage needed to afford a two bedroom rental unit.

Out of Reach 2013
National Low Income Housing Coalition presentation demonstrating the disparity between income and housing from national and local perspectives.

LoHud Article: Fight for Fair Housing is Far from Over
"Results of a nonprofit group’s latest examination of fair housing in Westchester show how much so, making plain that “Jim Crow” is alive and well, and discriminating with seeming impunity. The cringe-worthy findings — unequal treatment for blacks and Hispanics was ikelier than fair treatment in some locales — should serve as fresh notice to local policymakers, real estate professionals, and prosecutors that the hard work of fair housing is far from done."

Article: Section 8: Housing voucher recipients packed into minority neighborhoods

Westchester/Rockland Section 8 Concentration Map

Article: Westchester County Housing Discrimination Hits Disabled Hardest